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Surrogacy is one of the methods of ART (assisted reproductive technologies), a method of treating infertility in which the embryo of the genetic parents (single parent) after the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure is transferred to a surrogate mother for bearing and giving birth to a child who does not have a genetic connection with her Parents-customers used by the surrogate motherhood program.

Russia is one of the few countries where surrogacy, both on a commercial and non-commercial basis, is absolutely legal. Liberal Russian legislation allows all people who wish to become parents to fulfill their dream.

There are situations where no other treatment can help infertile patients become parents. For example, patients with a missing uterus, with congenital defects or habitual miscarriage, as well as single men who do not have a chance to get a genetically related child in any other way.

From a medical point of view, the way to overcome infertility with the help of a surrogate mother does not differ from the usual IVF program. Since the requirements for surrogacy in Russia are very high (a surrogate mother can only be a fully healthy, comprehensive medical examination of a woman aged 20 to 35 years, who has already given birth to at least one child). The stress factor is also completely absent, which plays an important role in infertility. The chances of pregnancy in surrogacy programs are significantly higher than with standard IVF, when the embryo is transferred to the patient herself.

Why Us?

Why Us?

  • We are the oldest (founded in 2003) and the largest company in Russia working in the field of surrogacy.
  • We work in strict accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation and pay all the established taxes.
  • We do not discriminate and work with all categories of patients who wish to become parents - married couples, both married and unmarried, single women and single men.
  • We are the most open company, our patients can personally meet the surrogate mother or donor they have chosen, and, if desired, maintain direct and indirect contact both during pregnancy and after childbirth.
  • We are the most public Russian company engaged in surrogacy, a company that is written a lot by Russian and international media.
  • Heads of the company are recognized in Russia and the rest of the world as being specialists in the field of surrogacy and human reproduction.
  • We have the largest base of supramothers and donors of oocytes in Russia, which any other ECO clinic or any intermediary company, can boast.
  • To our clients we offer a large selection of donors of oocytes and sperm donors with both European, Asian and African phenotypes. Our advantage is that we can provide our clients with expanded information about donors, including their photos and at the request of clients, organize a personal meeting with the donor.
  • We have successful experience working with patients from all over the world.
  • The process of communication is very important. Misunderstanding can lead to serious problems in communication, not too mention that our customers should always feel comfortable and care on our part. That's why for all our customers we provide a personal manager who speaks English. Your personal manager will be responsible for the entire process of organizing and coordinating your program throughout its entire length.
  • All our clients receive regular reports on the progress of their program and the course of gestation in English on a weekly basis.
  • For your convenience, we can arrange IVF, transfer of embryos and delivery of surrogate mother not only in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), but in any other country of your choice.
    Your cryopreserved embryos and / or sperm can be transported from your country to Russia or to any other country where you wish to start your surrogacy program.
Why Us?


  • The amount paid in the contract, will not change, from the moment of its signing;
  • Scheduled payments. You make the first payment only after you approve the candidacy of a surrogate mother;
  • The possibility for a personal choice from several candidates for surrogate mothers and / or donors (in case of need) with detailed questionnaire's detailling information about the surrogate mother herself and the donor - with the possibility of a personal meeting.

The greatest difficulties arise in the search for a surrogate mother, as well as in the legal provision of a surrogate motherhood program.

The most obvious danger is simple fraud and deception. Since the cost surrogacy programs is high, it attracts unscrupulous agents and "gray" middlemen, eager for easy money. There is a great chance of losing money or getting as irredeemably, at best an irresponsible, underdeveloped and if not knowingly infected with venereal diseases or a completely barren woman. Which means the transfering embryos into the uterine cavity of such a woman will not lead to pregnancy.

The Internet is full of announcements about various intermediaries and surrogacy "agencies" , which offer very attractive prices.

But buying a Rolex on the Metro underground can almost certainly mean that its a fake.

There are also often surrogates that are looking for clients - or, rather, a way to cash in on the misfortunes of others, on their own.

The desire to save can turn into lost money, time and a loss of faith in the opportunity to become parents. We know that the issue of parenting is one of the most important, if not the most important in life, and it is therefore necessary to approach it with all responsibility. When making a decision, you need to take into account all the factors, not just the cost of the program.

Legal support is also one of the most important components of the program. All relations between the parties (parents-customers, surimas, reproduction clinics) should be documented, all possible situations and accidents , should be prepared for. How, for example, will the cost of the program change if the pregnancy does not come or if a twin is diagnosed with ultrasound if an ectopic pregnancy occurs or if a cesarean section is required for delivery. All these decisions should be decided before the program begins.

At the end of the surrogate motherhood program, the parents of the surrogate program (single parent) receive a birth certificate for their baby with their names as parents without mentioning the name of the surrogate mother, as if the conception and delivery took place naturally. Making a child a customer is a separate and very difficult task, not all lawyers can professionally handle this, especially when a court order is required.

We, at the European Surrogacy Center, help our patients and potential surrogates find each other. For "our" surrogates we vouch - they are completely surveyed, highly motivated and ready to immediately join the program to help you become parents. With the participation of our partners - Russian and foreign reproductive clinics and the international law firm "Rosjurconsulting" - we carry out turnkey programs, starting with the selection of a surrogate mother and ending with the receipt of a birth certificate with your names as parents. We have already helped hundreds of people become parents. We will help to become parents and you.

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