We guarantee:

  • The absence of any kind of discrimination on the basis of marital status and sex. We help to you too find the happiness of motherhood and paternity for all categories of potential parents - couples, couples who are not officially registered, single women and single men;
  • You can choose either a complete, comprehensive package of services for a surrogate motherboard "on a turn-key basis" or any service from the packages we offer - from selecting a surrogate mother to registering your child born under a surrogate motherhood program;
  • The initial value of the contract signed with us will not change.
    Flexible payment schedule, developed taking into account your wishes, including discounts for one-time advance payment, installment payment by installments, credit, as well as the possibility of payment after the establishment of kinship and the birth of the child;
  • Possibility of staggered payment. The first payment can be made upon approval of the candidate for the surrogate mother who suits you. The second payment is made only on the confirmation of pregnancy, the third - after the first trimester of pregnancy. The fourth payment is paid at the birth of your child;
  • Official payment to the account of our company;
  • The possibility of choosing from several candidates for surrogate mothers with information about the surrogate mother herself and her children. Additional information you are interested in can be provided upon your request;
  • Choice of several oocyte / sperm donor candidates with detailed questionnaires of donors, their children and close relatives, including grandparents on the paternal and maternal lines;
  • The invariance of the amount of compensation for the surrogate mother;
  • Possibility of continuation of the program with another candidate in case of interruption of the program for any reason - without any additional payments from you;
  • Guaranteed establishment at your request of paternity and / or maternity in relation to the child born to a surrogate mother;
  • Guaranteed consent of the surrogate mother to record you by the parents of her child;
  • Complex medical examination of a potential surrogate with compulsory receipt of certificates of the established sample;
  • Continuous control over the living conditions and nutrition of the surrogate mother during the preparation for the implementation of the medical component of the surrogate motherhood program;
  • The curator responsible for control over the behavior, well-being, the correctness of the nutrition of the surrogate mother during the preparation for the start of the surrogate motherhood program and during gestation;
  • A psychologist responsible for controlling the psychological state of the surrogate mother during the preparation for the start of the surrogate motherhood program and during the gestation period;
  • Parents-customers of the surrogate program at any time know exactly where their child is borne by a surrogate mother and have the opportunity to personally monitor the conditions of her residence;
  • In the case of a surrogate mother's illness, we guarantee the continuation of your program with another, alternative candidate;
  • Complete confidentiality of the surrogate motherhood program, keeping secret all personal information related both to the parents of the surrogate program's clients, and to the surrogate mother. All files containing this information are destroyed at the end of the program. A surrogate mother and her relatives do not have access to information that could help establish the identity of the parent-customers of the surrogate program and their place of residence.