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The task of the European Surrogacy Center is to provide a meeting for those who need help, to become parents and those who want to help them. Our mission is to be a link between future parents and potential surrogates and if necessary, gamete donors.

It's no secret that adequate and decent surrogate mothers are always in great deficit. The reason for this is the ambiguous attitude of the ART to this method in society, and the realization of the colossal responsibility for bearing the child of another and most importantly, very high demands on the few candidates available. According to the order No. 107 of the Ministry of Health of Russia, a woman from 20 to 35 years old with at least one healthy child born on her own and completely healthy in all senses of the word can become a surrogate. The latter circumstance is the barrier that the overwhelming majority of candidates are rejected. Previously transferred abortions, scars on the uterus, adhesions and other defects and diseases prevent the onset of pregnancy and its safe bearing. That is why an independent search for surrogacy, for example, on the Internet, is so dangerous. Not to mention the danger of getting on the usual "surrogate" fraudster, which is too be found a lot on the Internet. The client can not independently assess the gynecological health of the pretender - after all, a full-scale examination is required, which can only be provided by a large reproduction clinic.

Suratives from our database of surrogate mothers and donors of oocytes (eggs) were fully examined according to the above-mentioned order and moreover: we believe that it is better to "re-examine" rather than too "under-examine" and vouch for their "professional suitability" and fitness for bearing. They are highly motivated and refer to participation in the surprogram as a job, psychologically ready to fulfill all the doctor's appointments, know their rights and most importantly, their duties.

We understand that sometimes the parents of the surrogacy program do not have the time to come to Russia for childbirth. Therefore, if it is required to send a surrogate mother abroad for the organization of childbirth (if such a desire exists with the customer), then we can fully organise this process.

We have experience in organizing childbirth for surrogacy programs in Italy, the UK, other countries of the European Union, the USA and Canada.

Our surrogates are located in cozy apartments and sanatoriums in Moscow and near Moscow, under the constant supervision of medical personnel,in an atmosphere of safety and comfort.

Our recruiting system allows us to select some even for special requirements (for example, certain appearance, nationality, religion, level of education). Although this does not affect the outcome of the program, we always go to meet the wishes of customers. Also, if the customer, for example, does not want to meet with surrogacy or vice versa, - wants to constantly accompany her everywhere - this is also possible.

Together with our partners - Russian and international reproductive clinics and the international legal company Rosurconsulting - we can carry out the programs of motherhood completely, on a turn-key basis, from the selection of a surrogate mother and up to obtaining a birth certificate for your baby.

We have the largest base of supramothers and donors of oocytes in Russia. No other IVF clinic or intermediary company can make such a boast.

To our clients, we offer a large selection of donors of oocytes and sperm with a European or any other phenotype. Our advantage is that we can provide our clients with expanded information about donors, including their photos, and, at the request of clients, organize a personal meeting with the donor.


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