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Lonely paralyzed Australian decided to create a family of his dreams and achieved this

An Australian man who was left paralysed after a freak accident has revealed why he decided to use a surrogate to have two children. Terry Pavlou, from Adelaide, was renovating a property and standing outside in the driveway with his father in 2005 when a wall came down on top of him.  “Before I knew it I was completely

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Dream family.

In the UK, twins were born of two different fathers for the first time. Newborn twins Calder and Alexandra Bernie Edwards - stepbrother and sister

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Ketogenic diet and its effect on fertility.

Every year new diet programs and weight loss strategies flood the marketplace. Some gain significant traction with various media outlets and retailers who do their best to cater to individual needs

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IVF-kids from eco-beds.

(about the problems of ecological infertility in Russia) Environmental factors can significantly affect the ability of both spouses to conceive a child. We cannot influence the ecology. However, there is something we can change ... Man is a part of the biological system, like any living thing on earth

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Children inherit their intelligence from their mother not their father, say scientists.

A lot of fathers are going to hate this, but genetic research has found (people) probably get a log of intelligence from their X gene, the feminine one…The X chromosome has a thousand gene, and a bunch of them influence cognition. – Dr

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“God did not give a child to people, but I can help them ...”

(Anthology of domestic surrogacy) Statistics. How many children are born from surrogate mothers in Russia, how many of them have a dash in the “mother” column and what place our country occupies in the global market for surrogate motherhood, nobody knows for sure. No data from the Ministry of Health about this is not

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