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The unknown father.

German parents of surrogate children prefer anonymous sperm donors. However, the anonymity of sperm donors is contrary to German law, which prohibits anonymous donation of germ cells. True, this law applies only to the practice of fertility, and not to the use of donor genetic material in private

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Revelations of a politician as a surrogate: ‘I had no bond with the baby, which was fantastic’.

A local election candidate has spoken candidly about her recent experience as a surrogate for her friends and about her relief that she didn’t feel a bond with the child following his birth. Westmeath-based Fine Gael candidate Becky Loftus Dore, who is a mother of four, gave birth late last month to a baby boy who was conceived through IVF

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Confession of one traditional surrogate

American Lindsay Curtis was 23 years old when she first became a surrogate. It was not just a gestational carrier, but surrogacy in the traditional sense of pregnancy

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Family Formula: five children in 13 years, four - in 13 months

Tracy Park, 43, and her husband Peter, 42, welcome their first child Hunter, now 12, in October 2006 after conceiving him naturally when Tracy was 30. The couple waited to have anymore children because they were focused on work

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The day I gave the gift of motherhood to another

This diary is reminiscences. Claire Kelly, 39, from Glenrothes, recalls her surrogacy journey and the day she gave up the baby she had been carrying for nine months.  His tiny pink face scrunches up against the world as he belts out his first cry

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Surrogates. Sex before and after IVF treatment

From the point a perfect surrogate match is made to the birth of a healthy baby you will have many questions during the surrogacy process. This is why you need a leading surrogacy agency guiding you through the entire process

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The story of the womb

Aprill Lane suffered through years of infertility struggles in the process of becoming a mom to five kids, ages 7 and under. Late last year, Lane, 39, donated her own uterus so that another woman could have the ability to conceive and carry a child

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How to become a father for 80,000 pounds

A HIV-positive British man has become the father of twin girls to a surrogate. Pleasure cost him £ 80,000. However, this story is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. 47-year-old HIV-infected Antonio Marsocci dreamed of becoming a father, despite the small risk that his children could be born with a virus

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If I had children, I would tell them how much I loved their mother

It took less than eight weeks for Ric De Castro to propose to his wife Susanna after first meeting her in 1996. "I was working and I saw her across the room and just saw her smile. For me, it was love at first sight. We got engaged very quickly because I knew I was onto a good thing

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Dr. Duru Shah. Reproductive technologies through the eyes of an Indian scientist.

Science has given the world so many tremendous achievements that in the near future, perhaps, we will not need a natural egg or sperm in order to produce a child; it will be enough just to take a skin cell, make sperm and an egg cell, and Voi la. According to Dr

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Instant family

“Twin children”, which will be discussed, were born from the same parents, but in different womb almost at the same time after the birth mother and surrogate became pregnant with a difference of only one day

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Rescue operation

As evangelical Christians, Paul and Susan Lim believe that life begins at conception. So when they decided to have a third child, in vitro fertilization was out of the question, since the process often yields extra embryos. But “adopting” the frozen embryos of another couple who had gone through I.V.F. was not. Dr

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