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Price of Infertility - The Third Story

At that time I was 36 years old, and in our relationship with a partner, everything was not easy. In the end we broke up. But I didn’t want to be alone and I decided to have a baby. I made seven IUIs and four standard IVF cycles, i.e. this is when you are given minimal doses of drugs to stimulate the formation of eggs

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Price of Infertility - The Second Story

The second story. Jennifer (44 years old) and Mike (46 years old) Photo courtesy: Jennifer Mike reports: We got married right on the eve of my 35th birthday, and a couple of months later we started trying to conceive a child. Nothing worked

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Infertility Price - The First Story

Assisted reproductive technologies allow many people to become parents. This is also incredible, as is often prohibitively expensive, especially IVF as one of the most successful technologies

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Joy of Being a Surrogate Mother

When Crystal Reagan went to the hospital to give birth for the fourth time, she already knew that she would return home without a child in her arms. But this time, Reagan’s pregnancy was not what it used to be. This time, the child in her belly, the child with whom she spoke and whom she loved, was not her or her husband

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Back Side of the Moon

Laura had been in the position of a surrogate mother for some time and recalled her previous pregnancies when she was carrying two of her children. It was so cool, so fascinatingly pleasant, although it was accompanied by some discomfort, which for the first time manifested itself in ecstatic births, and the second - in the birth bath

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