A HIV-positive British man has become the father of twin girls to a surrogate. Pleasure cost him £ 80,000. However, this story is not so simple as it might seem at first glance.

47-year-old HIV-infected Antonio Marsocci dreamed of becoming a father, despite the small risk that his children could be born with a virus. The popular Britain fashion consultant categorically refused to believe the doctors who assured him that he would never find a surrogate who would agree to endure his child. Antonio found a clinic in Cyprus, where he was told that the risk of HIV transmission through his sperm is extremely insignificant. An egg donor was found in Ukraine. Unshakable desire to become a father quarreled with his family. But he still insisted.

Now when he is holding two-month-old daughters Anna and Maria, Antonio says: “I dreamed of having a family, but my loneliness and HIV status seemed to make my dream impossible. Now I can't stop looking at my little ones. When the blood test confirmed that both girls were born completely healthy, I could not stand it and burst into tears. Understanding that the risk of infection with the virus was small, I still felt some anxiety, so when I was informed about the negative test result of the babies, I was extremely happy. So many disappointments in life, and suddenly such a miracle: the dream came true - I became a father!”

A man takes antiretroviral drugs that help keep HIV under control. As long as he continues to take medicine, nothing threatens his life. The babies are healthy too. Antonio understands that he may face a negative public reaction to the birth of children at the present, albeit insignificant, but still the risk of contracting HIV to his daughters. But he was sure that in his desperate desire to become a father there was always a chance. Mr. Marsocchi was diagnosed with HIV at 32 years old, and since then he was afraid that he would never have children. Two years ago, he broke up with his regular partner, and from that moment on, despair did not leave him. He believed that they would have children together with a partner, but when he was alone, a native of Italy, a resident of South London, Antonio began to think about how to deal with this problem alone, began to actively explore the topic of adoption and even went to America with the hope of creating such a family. The adoption agencies said that he had a chance, but very little, because married couples and single women would always be in priority. This meant that he would have to wait for years for his turn, and so never to wait for her. In IVF clinics, where he also addressed, he was unequivocally made to understand that it would be almost impossible to find a surrogate who would agree to give birth to children from a person with HIV.

And suddenly one day his friend advised him to go to a clinic in Cyprus, which would probably be able to help. The professionalism of the doctors of the clinic did not leave any doubts on the client, since they said that modern medicine and technology ensure the safety of the woman who will bear and give birth to his children, and the children will be born healthy. This circumstance allowed Antonio to make a final decision, and he agreed to participate in the program. A few weeks later in Eastern Europe, an anonymous egg donor was found. All that at that time was known about the donor is that she is blonde, blue-eyed, tall and married mother. Five of her eggs were successfully fertilized with Antonio sperm, and the embryos were frozen. Everything happened surprisingly quickly and without problems. Within a few weeks, a surrogate from Ukraine was selected. Doctors doubted that she could get pregnant right away, the more surprise and joy caused a positive test after the first embryo transfer. And then, at 12 weeks, followed by a new stunning news - an ultrasound showed twins. For the next six months, Antonio regularly flew to Cyprus to accompany the surrogate in the scanning process. He experienced an incredible emotional enthusiasm and great thanks to both women who took part in his fate. In November, Antonio was informed that the surrogate is in the hospital, and his children can be born on any given day. As a result, the girls were born two weeks ahead of schedule. Anna and Maria were born as a result of a caesarean section in December, both weighed 5 pounds 7 ounces and were completely healthy. Happy father rushed right to the hospital to see such small, and such his daughters, who seemed to him ideal. He was really happy.

Three days later, Antonio left the hospital with his daughters. He is now awaiting British passports for children, with whom he plans to return to the UK next week. The whole process cost him £ 80,000, but he says: "My girls are worth every penny." The only thing that overshadows his joy is the lack of contact with his parents. “Friends and some family members supported and worried about me. But my parents did not accept my lifestyle and my environment. I did not confess my orientation even to myself until I turned 20, but even then I kept it from my parents. A couple of times I tried to tell them, but they did not want to listen. My father died a few years ago. I hoped that my mom and older brother would be delighted that I had daughters. A couple of weeks ago, I sent them an album with photos of me and my girls, but I never received an answer. Someone may say that I have deprived my daughters of my mother. But I am convinced that a loving parent, whoever he is, is what really matters, and I will be honest with my girls, and tell them how they came into the world when they grow up. I am a working single father, and of course I will need help, I may have to hire a nanny. I have four more frozen embryos left, and I think that a little boy would be a wonderful addition,” - Antonio never stops dreaming.


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Based on The Mirror

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