The second story.

Jennifer (44 years old) and Mike (46 years old)

Photo courtesy: Jennifer

Mike reports:

We got married right on the eve of my 35th birthday, and a couple of months later we started trying to conceive a child. Nothing worked. After about eight months, we tried IUI (artificial insemination), which cost ranged from 300 to 700 dollars at a time, depending on what kind of treatment we used. After the third IUI failed, my doctor recommended IVF. I was a little in doubt - it seemed that sooner or later it must happen. My insurance at that time was $10,000. Only medicines, depending on what the doctor prescribes, can cost between $3,000 and $7,000. We decided to try. From the first attempt it did not work, and then we completely got out of the insurance coverage area.

We had some savings, but they certainly lacked. I went to another clinic to consult with specialists there, and they told me about the clinical testing that they were doing at that moment, and in which I decided to take part. The experiment was to introduce a hormone, about which I really was not aware of anything. I regarded this as a necessity, as a second full-fledged work. Since I was the subject of the experiment, attention to me was heightened. Every morning, at the height of winter, I had to get up and go donate blood. I was very nervous, worried, and therefore only one of the 10 eggs was fertilized (usually four or even six embryos are obtained). But. And this time the transplant was not successful.

We waited a couple more months. I received a promotion at work and planned to use this money for the third attempt at IVF. Now financial stress has also been added to the strongest emotional tension. When you spend money, you expect to get something in return ... with the treatment of infertility, things are very different.

So, for the implementation of the third ECO attempt, we collected all our savings, plus my parents and my sister gave us some money. And again the same thing happened: out of 13 fertilized eggs only one embryo was obtained. But this time the embryo got accustomed! In due time my son was born!

Insurance covered the first 10,000 dollars, from our own pocket, we laid out another 20,000 dollars. Those. You understand, if we had no problems with infertility, you could probably buy a house with this money. But it was worth it. Our family happiness is more expensive than any money!

Based on the online edition of SELF

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