At that time I was 36 years old, and in our relationship with a partner, everything was not easy. In the end we broke up. But I didn’t want to be alone and I decided to have a baby.

I made seven IUIs and four standard IVF cycles, i.e. this is when you are given minimal doses of drugs to stimulate the formation of eggs. Each IVF procedure cost a discount of $ 800. With this, I was just lucky. But IVF did not work; I had miscarriages, so I decided to use a donor egg.

She turned to the Shady Grove Fertility clinic, which guaranteed a refund in case of failure. You can do up to six IVF procedures, or donor egg transplants, or frozen embryo transplants for the price of one service. And if you still can not get pregnant, you will return the money. So, I decided, if this does not work, I will leave the surrogate motherhood program and use these funds for adoption. Fortunately, the very first donor egg grafting was successful, and now I have a son!

In the end, I spent from about $60,000 to $70,000. I hate thinking about money and expenses! I had insurance, but it covered almost nothing: for example, it partially offset the costs of IUI, but I did not receive any compensation for IVF. The insurance also did not apply to the cleaning of sperm, and it also cost a lot. My mother helped pay for the donation of a donor egg from my future inheritance. The rest of the money I managed to save. And I still have one frozen embryo, which I hope to use soon. Now I live in Canada, they have excellent IVF programs.

Based on the online edition of SELF

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