Anna Berezina was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35 years. Remission therapy and chemotherapy have done their job; the woman has become barren. Now, Anna and her husband are working with a surrogate motherhood agency, which is trying to help the couple have a surrogate motherhood program using donor eggs and the husband’s sperm Anna. The agency managed to find a surrogate family for the family, with which the couple is ready to pay for the services of carrying their child. But the situation for the recognition of Anna makes her feel that she is "replaced". This is such a rather strange feeling of jealousy, because Anna now definitely feels like the “third wheel” in this story. At the same time, Anna understands that it is very important for her to be involved in the process in the most active way, to form good, even friendly relations with a surrogate mother, since now she will be a very important person in their life. Still, Anna feels despair at the thought that someone can take her place.

Despite the fact that five attempts to plant the embryos while they ended in miscarriages, Anna cannot and does not want to give up the dream of a full-fledged family. She says to herself again and again: “The fact that I cannot imagine myself without a full family is so natural. My husband and I experienced so much together. Even in spite of unsuccessful attempts at embryo transfer, I didn’t even have the thought of giving up, because there is always hope that next time it will work. What if surrogate motherhood becomes the most special and most incredible event in life that will make us a stronger and more united family! ”

Anna's story is still a fictional story. But she conceptually anticipates a special program under the working title “Fertility in the fight for the family”, which the European Center for Surrogate Maternity plans to implement in the near future. The program aims to study the processes of distribution of methods of reproductive medicine, and first of all in vitro fertilization, throughout Russia, and their technological and psychological impact on age (35–45 years) married couples, who in spite of everything try to defeat sterility find true family happiness. The program will help find answers to many of the most burning questions and make sure that these answers convince our compatriots that surrogate motherhood programs are a real help in solving them can be the main problem in life, and that this help will help you not to feel with the “third wheel”.

As a result of a preliminary survey conducted among potential program participants, it is not at all suddenly clear that the main life motivation of these people is clear: “Our best friends on the New Year or Christmas will bring us, as always, nice handmade gifts of their children. Of course it is very touching and makes you feel incredibly strong emotions. But it would be great if our own child could give us a holiday gift, or just wish good night. We just want to know that we have him and love him more than anything else, help him take the first steps in this life and walk along it, roll him on his back, feel sorry for him when he falls and cry from pain and resentment, together rejoice in the funny holes in my knees, sculpt figures from plasticine and bake delicious, delicious cakes ... - to do ordinary things that ordinary people do. We just want Happiness! Help us find it! ”

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