On the first day of the New Year 2021, Konstantin N. Svitnev, CEO of Rosjurconsulting law firm, called the first reprodissident in Russia, gave an extensive interview to Surrogacy.ru. We talked about surrogacy, his beliefs and his struggle to recognize the right to procreation as an inalienable human right. We publish some of the most important theses.

The first among other equal human rights is the one to parent a child, to continue one's family line. This is a natural, inalienable human right given to a person from above, ensuring the continuity of generations, the sustainable and progressive development of our society and the entire civilization.

I was the first to introduce this concept into everyday life in Russia, being at the forefront of the struggle for family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood. This is how I have become the first reprodissident in Russia and the world.

Each and every child who hasn’t be born is a missed opportunity to make this world better, a shut down window of unrealised possibilities and dreams that would never come true. A new and so possible reality that would never be real.

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