The queen of “chanson” songs in Russia Lyubov Uspenskaya has shocked her fans by posting on Instagram a picture of her holding a child. “My dear followers, particularly those who constantly advise me on starting babysitting grandchildren, hold your horses – maybe, I want to have more children myself! Why not? Kirkorov fathered a child, Pugacheva and Galkin also became parents, how am I different?” – captioned Uspenskaya.

This post was perhaps a sarcastic reply to the hatred comments she received earlier about her acting not according to her age.

Lyubov Uspenskaya has a 30-year old daughter Tatiana Plaksina, who is still recovering from a tragic accident. She fell from the bicycle in autumn last year. A young woman’s face was severely damaged, she had to undergo several surgeries on the jaw. The recovery was very slow and it seemed like it was finally over, when she performed at the stage with her mother a few months ago.

Perhaps caring for her sick daughter evoked new feelings and Uspenskaya decided that she wants to become mother again. Or perhaps, she still suffers from a series of traumatic events that happened to her when she was young. At the age of 16 she had to make an abortion, and 17 years before giving birth to her daughter she was pregnant with twins, but lost them. She fell on the street during the last month of pregnancy and was hospitalized. The first child died soon after delivery, the second one lived only for a week. Uspenskaya couldn’t get pregnant again for many years and always thought that her daughter Tania is a true miracle.

Is the singer serious when saying she wants to have another child or just trying to get some attention from the media? We can’t tell it for sure, but Uspenskaya’s responds to all sarcastic comments were quite sharp: “Wish me luck, gues. And to all my haters I have only one thing to say – get bent!” wrote Lyubov Uspenskaya in her Instagram.

She has already started looking for an egg donor in Instagram. The ideal candidate would be someone “cute, smart, talented, healthy, nice and honest”. At the age of 65 Uspenskaya couldn’t bear the child herself, so she will definitely need a surrogate mother as well. According to some media, Alexandra Strizhenova, who had been a surrogate to a few children and has five of her own, had already offered her services. “We are negotiating, but nothing is confirmed yet and I don’t have much to comment on”, said Alexandra.

Vladislav Melnikov, a CEO of the European Center for Surrogate Motherhood in Russia said that he and his colleagues would be happy to help Uspenskaya finding the right egg donor and the surrogate: “We have one of the largest databases of egg donors and surrogates. All the candidates have done all necessary medical screenings, are well motivated and ready to start the program”.


Photos from Lyubov Uspenskaya’s Instagram account
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