Having reviewed the case of registration of the birth certificate of a child of two same-sex parents, the Court of the Italian city of Milan ordered municipal officials to make corrections to the birth register of a girl born in the United States from a surrogate mother of two fathers who are in formal partnership.

Initially, the biological father was listed as a parent in the birth certificate. But the couple insisted that both parents should be listed as parents in the daughter’s birth certificate as equal parents, for which they received a document from the US authorities with already made corrections confirming that both partners are parents. However, in response to this appeal from the municipality of Milan, a harsh and categorical refusal followed, leaving the document unchanged.

Shortly before, the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala personally registered nine children born to four pairs of women: before that only their biological mothers were recognized as parents of all nine children , and now in the Milan Civil Registry, children were recorded as born from both mothers in each pair. At the ceremony in the ceremonial hall of the Palazzo Marino Palace there were married couples, their children, relatives and friends, the mayor publicly read birth records, then acts recognizing non-biological mothers by parents and, finally, solemnly added the name of the second mother to each document.

Moreover, the event took place a few days after the new Minister for Family and Disabled Affairs Lorenzo Fontana stated that same-sex families exists. At the same time, Mr. Sala, before turning to the performance of formal duties, addressed the public with a brief speech, in which he noted that what is happening is not a reason for disputes, but an important point for the whole city of Milan, since all the officials are , only temporary administrators, but what is truly not temporary is the spirit of a civilized city.

True, the mayor did not forget to mention that this event is a political and social message, but the primary task is to demonstrate to the public the Milan mentality. The government, in his opinion, is openly passionate about populism, but the authorities of the city of Milan are making a practical contribution to the evolution of public consciousness and tolerance, and wants to make Milan an open and modern city that recognizes the rights of everyone.

So far, officials of all levels have figured out which of them is more civilized, the court of the city of Milan, referring to the precedent created by the Italian Supreme Court, which has already passed similar verdicts to the decisions of the Tribunals of Livorno, Pisa and Rome, confirmed that the fact of two fathers was recorded as parents in the birth certificate of their daughter, it does not violate any of the fundamental principles of Italian society and best protects the rights of the minor citizen and guarantees their inviolability.

Lawyers from the law firm Rete Lenford-Associazione Avvocatura, protecting the interests of fathers, stressed that this is a very important decision, because it is aimed at combating the prejudices and risks that children face. in the absence of a legally correct entry in their documents, since the protection of the interests of the child should be the cornerstone of any decision.


Based on milano.repubblica.it

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