British scientists at the University of Cambridge managed to grow an artificial mouse embryo from stem cells.

This discovery brings to the creation of an artificial embryo based on three types of stem cells. After fertilization with sperm, the egg cell in mammals repeatedly divides, forming a small ball of three types of stem cells: embryonic, extraembryonic trophoblastic and primitive endodermic. The first type forms the body of the embryo, the second - the placenta, and the third - the yolk sac.

The most important stage in the development of the embryo is gastrulation. Previously, scientists could not reproduce this process, because they lacked important components of stem cells.

The goal of scientists is not to grow artificial mice or people outside the uterus. The most important thing is new discoveries in the development of embryology.

Scientists plan to continue their research not only with embryos of mice, but also other mammals, including humans. Scientists have noted that they will not need real human embryos.


Origin: “The Guardian”

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