Senator Anton Belyakov submitted to the State Duma a bill banning surrogacy in Russia, which the lower house is preparing to re-consider. Belyakov considers surrogacy immoral.

At the press conference of NNS on the topic: “Child to order. Surrogate motherhood under the threat of a ban in Russia” Director of the European Center for Surrogate Motherhood Vladislav Melnikov assured that this is not so.

"In no case. I do not see here any of the affected parties. Parents who cannot have a child want theirs to have one. Medicine gave them such an opportunity with the help of surrogacy. Parents are happy. The child, too, because he is welcome. The surrogate mother also solves some of her own problems, primarily material ones. So everyone is happy, ” Mr. Melnikov accented.

He explained that the risk for a surrogate mother is the same as during normal pregnancy and even lower.


Origin: IA “National News Service”

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