A mother-of-three who spent $100,000 on 18 rounds of IVF was told she didn't need the fertility treatment after she went to a different doctor

Adelaide woman Marissa Laslett was 28 when she and husband Trent struggled to conceive and resorted to IVF.

The midwife, who was desperate to have a family, suffered two devastating miscarriages and went through 10 rounds of IVF before her daughter Eliza was born.

Mrs Laslett was forced to hold babies every day as part of her job and describes her struggle to fall pregnant as 'devastating'.  

Desperate for a second child she went through another eight rounds of IVF with no success. 

'Emotionally and physically it was really starting to get to me,' Mrs Laslett told 7News.

She decided to switch doctors who recommended ovulation induction.

Ovulation induction is a straightforward fertility treatment which involves taking a pill or having a simple injection which stimulates the ovaries and causes the woman to release an egg.

Within four months Mrs Laslett fell pregnant with her son Ted, and his little brother, Alby, followed shortly after. 

Mrs Laslett endured more than 300 injections, 60 blood tests, 30 scans, several medications, acupuncture and procedures costing about $100,000, Adelaide Now reported. 

IVF specialist Dr Michelle Wellman said: 'Sometimes you just have to go back to basics and see what the problem is here.'


Foto: Daily Mail
Based on 7News

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