There might be no need anymore to go to fertility clinics to produce sperm samples in uncomfortable conditions. A viable sperm sample suitable for in-vitro fertilization of future preservation in case infertility can be obtained by any man without special equipment.

Spanish researches from the Institute Marques in Barcelona found that by using a special portable kit it is possible to freeze sperm in a home freezer. This can be a good news for someone about to undergo cancer treatment that involves chemotherapy, as well as those struggling to ejaculate or those unable to attend the clinic on the day of the IVF, or for sperm donors.

Bárbara Freijomil, who led the research, said this could help many men: “Currently the male is compelled to deliver the sample at an exact moment and, often, also in a predetermined place, usually a clinic. Many of them experience this as a stressful situation. Our freezing kit allows the patient to cryopreserve his sperm samples outside the IVF center in an efficient way, following a simplified cryopreservation protocol”, said the researcher.

The first results of the study were presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference. It included samples of fresh sperm, professionally frozen one, and semen cryopreserved with a portable kit – 41 in total. Between the frozen groups there was no significant difference in sperm shape, swimming ability, or DNA damage.

Unfortunately, this kit is good enough for a short-term storage only, up to 48 hours. If you’re planning on freezing your sperm for a long-term, it should be kept under 130 degrees Celsius minimum, which is not possible in home conditions.


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