An Asian couple who tried to conceive through IVF is taking a legal action against a fertility clinic claiming their IVF treatment left them pregnant with wrong children, making a woman a surrogate mother against her will and without her knowledge.

According to a lawsuit filed in New York by the married couple – referred to only as AP and YZ to “minimise the embarrassment and humiliation already caused” – they sought the services of CHA Fertility in Los Angeles last year after years of trying to conceive without success. In the clinic they spent more than $100,000 on the in vitro fertilization (IVF), medication, laboratory fees, travel and other costs. Finally, 8 embryos were created and cryopreserved.

During the first IVF cycle two female embryos were used. After a few day the couple received exciting news about successful pregnancy. However, the couple was “confused” when at their three and five-month sonograms they were told they were, in fact, carrying two boys. The owners of the clinic, Joshua Berger and Simon Hong advised them that the sonogram results were not accurate and that it was not a definitive test.

But after the birth, the couple was shocked to discover the two boys did not appear to be related to them, none of them had any Asian features, like their mother. The couple agreed for themselves and their babies to undergo DNA tests, which confirmed that they were not genetically related to the children and that the two boys were not related to each other. They then had to “relinquish custody” of the children.

Subsequently, the testing revealed that Baby A and Baby B were genetically matched to different couples. One couple was found after a few days of the shocking discovery. Ani and Ashot Manukyans were also clients of CHA fertility clinic and underwent fertility treatment at the same time as YZ and AP did.

In August 2018, the clinic transferred two of what were thought to be the Manukyans' embryos into Anni's uterus. They were devastated when the process did not result in a pregnancy. But as they'd later learn, those were not even their embryos. They belonged to another couple, or perhaps couples – they're not sure.

One of Manukyans’ embryos was implanted in YZ’s uterus. "CHA robbed me of my ability to carry my own child, to be with him in the first couple moments of his life, to nurse him, to just do skin on skin contact. Just be a mom to him," Ani said.

Two couples filed a lawsuit against the clinic. It is still unknown who are the parents of the second child and what was their reaction to the news. CHA Fertility did not respond to a request for comment.


Photo: CNN
Source: ABC News

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