Judge in “America’s Got Talent” TV show, singer and dancer Julianne Hough and her husband, NHL hockey player Brooks Laich announced they will have to use IVF to conceive children.

Laich is 35 years old, his wife Julianne is a little over 30, but despite the young age the couple has been struggling with getting pregnant. The reason is endometriosis Julianne was diagnosed with a few years ago. Endometriosis is a disease that affects one in 10 women in the age before 30 and can impact fertility. It occurs when tissues that line the uterus grow outside it and reach ovaries or fallopian tubes. In 40% of the cases this condition makes it impossible to naturally get pregnant. It also causes heavy periods and pain during sex, before and after menstruation.

Hough and Laich married in 2017 when Laich already knew about his wife-to-be problems. As a real athlete he didn’t het scared of obstacles, in contrary, he decided to help the woman he loves. Together they will go through IVF to have children.

Moreover, Laich is trying to shift people’s mindset about IVF in his iHeartRadio’s How Men Think podcast. He will share his story with listeners and prove that IVF should be perceived with no shame or guilt.


Based on the article by USA Today
Photos from Brooks Laich’s Instagram

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