The mayor of Paris promised to file a complaint against the ad targeting reproductive medicine. She thinks it is discriminatory against people who use assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

Recently French Internet became flooded with posts under the tag #withoutfather. This is a title of one of the songs by Sniper, a French famous pop band, but these days it got a totally new meaning. It all started when the group supporting women who intend to use ART for creating families has published in social networks the photo of an ad that was spotted on the streets in Paris. “My father, my origin, my right. The Macron Law, ART without father steels my identity”. This ad was placed on the side of the truck by the street ad vendor Biodegr’AD. It meant to say that people who use donor sperm deprive their children of their origins and personality.

"Use the image of Paris for promotional purposes, without permission, it is illegal," denounced Paul Simondon, deputy mayor of Paris. He said that the Urban Transit Authority will also administer this ad, and in the mean time he encouraged people to report on these ads using mobile application. The mayor of Paris will file a complaint against Biodegr’AD for discriminatory and uncivilized advertising that offends certain people.

The Biodegr’AD director Tanguy Bard de Coutance admitted that his company is responsible for creating this ad. He highlighted, however, that in a democratic country everyone should have the right to express his or her thoughts. “I work in the ad business and I cannot tell my clients what to put on their billboards or posters’, said de Coutance. At the end, he apologized and promised not to work anymore with people who placed this order.

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