For the first time, the Portuguese Medical Council approved the procedure for the birth of a child with a surrogate mother.

A 50-year-old woman will be a surrogate mother who will bear fruit for her daughter who cannot conceive due to endometriosis.

For quite a long time in Portugal, they have been seeking the resolution of surrogacy. In this case, the 30-year-old citizen of Portugal was forced to ask the state for permission to attract a surrogate mother, because her medical records do not allow her to safely carry the child. Her mother was the most suitable candidate for carrying.

In 2016, the country's authorities gave permission for gestational motherhood, which is possible only if the carrying out is not a way of material enrichment.

By law, only a relative of a woman who wants to become a mother can be a surrogate mother. In this case, the fee for carrying out is excluded.

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