Autocontrol, an advertising control organization, to which the Madrid City Council has asked for an expert opinion that surrogacy advertising “degrades the dignity of women”, opposed the expectation stating that “this cannot be considered contrary to moral standards and degrading because the billboards in question do not contain any offensive information”.

Madrid and Barcelona recently woke up under the slogan “We give birth - we decide”, who literally shouted from posters on the facades of cities and from the giant screens of the network of cinemas in Callao. An information campaign promoted by the association of families raising children born to surrogates, Son Nuestros Hijos, was addressed to Spanish women who were asked to answer questions posted on a special website whether they were willing to donate themselves disinterestedly for would someone else have found parental happiness.

Within 48 hours, more than 300 Spaniards left their feedback on the network under the hashtag # YoGestaría and on the website created for this purpose, stating for whom they are ready to do it. In addition, on the same website you can find dozens of testimonies about women who are already surrogates in countries where the use of assisted reproduction technology is regulated by law.

“The association and its information campaign is a tool that aims to put an end to false myths, like mantras repeated by several feminist groups who claim that there are no women in Spain who are ready for altruistic surrogacy, although we know for certain that this is not so” - said Marcos Hornet, president of Son Nuestros Hijos.

Several feminist groups condemned the Association, gathered in front of the Madrid City Council, demanding to ban the campaign and penalize the Association for appeals degrading women and for violating the copyright on the slogan that was previously used to condemn "forced motherhood" and to "guarantee compliance women's rights."

The Madrid City Council requested an expert opinion from Autocontrol, which would allow it to decide whether the information campaign could be considered “degrading women’s dignity”. An expert commission of Autocontrol, consisting of specialists in this field, was entrusted with resolving a dispute about the ethical and deontological compliance of an information campaign.

The conclusion of this organization was obvious. In it’s categorical conclusion, said that the campaign does not violate rule 10 of self-control, which requires that information, including advertising, does not imply circumstances of discrimination ... and does not degrade human dignity. In particular, announcements that can be degrading or discriminatory towards women should be avoided. The report emphasizes that the information company of the association Son Nuestros Hijos, which advocates surrogacy, cannot be regarded as contrary to the dignity of the person ”and it protected by the “vox freedom” standard.

Thus, the conclusion of Autocontrol gives grounds for Son Nuestros Hijos to assert that women are free to make decisions about their relationship with a third party regarding surrogate motherhood and that the information campaign did not contain “expressions or judgments that degrade human dignity”.

As for the use of the motto “We give birth - we decide”, its general meaning is to help strengthen the idea of ​​exercising individual freedom. “The choice of a motto may be dictated by the intention to put more meaning in it than the one contained in it earlier. There is nothing offensive about it ... it's just an advertising move ... which captures the essence of the message,” - the Autocontrol concludes.

“The fact that the controlling organization was forced to intervene in the information campaign under the slogan“ We have to give birth is for us to decide ”proves that there are still extremist groups that, in addition to distorting the real humanitarian essence of surrogacy as the only opportunity to help infertile people to have their own biological children are trying to disavow the voices of those who call for the need for legislative regulation of this phenomenon. As a woman, I say that we don’t have to decide for us, we need a legal framework that guarantees our right to independent choice and limit the commercialization of practices that are legally applied in other democratic countries so that women who voluntarily want to help other women deprived such an opportunity to have children. I declare this with full civil responsibility, because this is also my case,” - said Aurora González, a member of the city council of Ribadeo, who along with hundreds of women took part in this campaign.


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