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Surrogacy With Your Own Surrogate

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Surrogacy is one of the methods of ART (assisted reproductive technology), used when other means of infertility therapy is powerless. This method implies that a “third party” takes part in the purely intimate process of childbearing, namely, a surrogate carrying a child for the program’s parents (or single parent). Sometimes surrogacy is complicated by the need to use donor gametes, eggs or sperm. It should be noted that the use of surrogate’s own oocytes during the implementation of the surrogacy program is prohibited by Russian law.

In order to use the surrogacy program, you must have an established medical indications.

The list of medical indications for surrogacy is very wide. A detailed list of diseases and medical state is given in the 107 Act of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. This is the absence of the uterus (congenital or acquired); deformation of the cavity or cervix with congenital malformations or as a result of diseases; synechia uterus, not amenable to therapy; somatic diseases in which pregnancy is contraindicated, obliteration of the uterus, endometrial atrophy, habitual miscarriage (3 or more spontaneous miscarriages in anamnesis).

In addition, the indications for surrogacy are all diseases (conditions) included in the List of contraindications to IVF. Direct indications for surrogacy are unsuccessful repeated attempts of IVF (at least three) with repeated receipt of good quality embryos, the transfer of which did not lead to the onset of pregnancy.

Today, you can find a woman who would agree to take part in the surrogacy program as a surrogate on her own or using the services of a specialized agency.

When selecting a potential surrogate, future parents often begin to search from those who are closer - relatives, friends, acquaintances. If you know well a woman who is going to entrust her baby for 9 months and are sure that she is completely healthy and that there will be no problems with her in the process of carrying or after giving birth, this is the best of all possible options.

Here it is also necessary to take into account that pregnancy can negatively affect the health of a woman close to you, as well as affect her psychological state and serve as a source of conflict, envy and even hatred towards parents, completely spoiling your relationship.

You can also find a surrogate using the Internet on special sites where women submit ads of this kind. However, the worldwide network is a fertile ground for a variety of scams, including surrogacy, and you risk wasting your savings. The best option for finding suitable surrogates are specialized agencies, which have an extensive database of applicants, and take all the responsibility for the provided candidacy.

A program with surrogate selected by you independently differs from a classic one in that you can organize a medical examination of a surrogate and coordinate the program yourself, which, of course, will allow you to save on the services of companies that professionally do it on a permanent basis.

The program begins with the treatment of a married couple and a potential surrogate in a reproduction clinic. We recommend that you hold a primary survey of surrogates before visiting the clinic, it will save you time and money.

First of all, doctors explain to the program participants its features, terms, treatment tactics and the cost of the program. Further, genetic parents (single parent) with the help of lawyers must make an agreement with the surrogate, in which all the significant points of the program, the whole algorithm of its implementation will be spelled out.

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