Single Parent Surrogacy in Russia

Single Parent Surrogacy in Russia

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Surrogacy should be available to all people who want to become parents - experts of the European Surrogacy Center are firmly convinced of this. According to Russian legislation, not only couples, but also single men and women can use the services of substitute maternity.

Surrogacy Opportunities for Single Men in Russia

Surrogacy for Single Women in Russia

From a medical point of view, surrogacy for single patients is no different from usual, except that the effectiveness of pregnancy is somewhat higher, since surrogate is a woman with excellent health who has undergone a special selection and special medical examination.

The surrogacy program for single women is quite easy and practically does not differ from the usual IVF for a married couple. A sperm donor is selected, in vitro fertilization is performed and the resulting embryos are transferred to the uterus, not the patient, but the surrogate.

The surrogacy program for single women may be complicated by the selection of a sperm donor. If the sperm of a relative or friend is used, then it is required to endure a semi-annual quarantine (as in the case with any donor sperm). If a woman wants to use donor sperm at once, the donor should be indicated in all documents including informed consent as her partner, from which it follows that he can be recognized as a father with all the legal and financial implications.

For the selection of surrogate and sperm donor, you can use our own database of already examined candidates who can immediately join the program.

At the end of the program, a single patient with the help of our lawyers will receive a birth certificate for her child with her name in the “mother” column and with a dash in the “father” column. The name of the surrogate is not mentioned in the birth certificate.

Surrogacy Opportunities for Single Men in Russia

Surrogacy Opportunities for Single Men in Russia

Surrogacy for single men is simple from the medical point of view, and much more difficult from the legal point of view.

Despite the absence of formal prohibitions and the principle of gender equality, enshrined in the Russian State Constitution, many believe that a single man does not have the right to use the services of a surrogacy. This is not true. In Russia single men can implement reproductive programs on perfectly legal grounds. See the relevant commentary of Konstantin Svitnev, the expert in the field of reproductive law.

The first Russian birth certificate of a surrogate child with a dash in the “mother” column was received by lawyers of Rosjurconsulting Co. in 2010 on the basis of an unprecedented legal victory, won in a Moscow court.

The specialists of the European Surrogacy Center are convinced that all people have equal rights, including the right to continue the race. Our company takes on the most difficult cases and gives the joy of parenthood to everyone, including single people. Together with our partners, the Rosjurconsulting law company, dealing with protection of reproductive rights, we run turnkey surrogacy programs for all people who want to become parents, including single patients.

We have hundreds of successfully realized programs, including dozens of programs for unmarried people, whose rights for motherhood and fatherhood we had to defend in court.

The result is always prosperous: the customer becomes a parent and receives a right birth certificate.


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