Surrogacy for Single Men in Russia. Cost of the Program in 2019

Surrogacy for Single Men in Russia. Cost of the Program in 2019

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Modern advances in medicine and, in particular, assisted reproductive technologies give a chance to have progeny even to single parents. Today, thanks to artificial insemination, more and more people who have not yet decided on their marital status have the opportunity to have such a desirable child.

Why do more and more single men want to extend their kind and become single fathers? What motivates them? The answer to this question is given by a recent study of Konstantin Svitnev, the expert in the field of reproductive law and ethics, the results of which were presented at the conference of the European Society of Human Embryology and Reproduction (ESHRE) in Istanbul (2012).

The European Surrogacy Center offers surrogacy programs for both single women and single men.

Legal Clearance

Legal Clearance

It should be said that with single men who would like to use the services of surrogates in order to continue their race, in a legal sense, the situation is a little more complicated than with single women. Although the current Russian legislation does not prohibit “autonomous” paternity, and the principle of gender equality is enshrined in the Russian State Constitution, many reproduction clinics deny single men to implement the “surrogacy program”, and in any case they have to get birth certificate with a dash in the “mother” column via court. That is why, before starting a surrogacy program, single men should always consult with competent lawyers dealing with legal support of reproductive programs with the participation of a third party reproduction.

The main thing you need to know is that in Russia, surrogacy for both single women and single men is absolutely legal. The equality of the rights of future parents, both women and men, is protected by Russian State Constitution.

See the expert commentary on this topic. The first Russian birth certificate of a surrogate child with a dash in the “mother” column was obtained by «Rosjurconsulting» lawyers in 2010 on the basis of an unprecedented legal win in one of Moscow courts.

Lawyers of the Rosjurconsulting international law company, dealing with reproductive law and protecting the interests of future parents and their children, are ready to advise you on all issues of interest to you and, if necessary, to represent your interests in the court.

What’s the Price of a Surrogacy for a Single Man in Russia

What’s the Price of a Surrogacy for a Single Man in Russia

Selection of a surrogate for a single man can be very difficult. Due to a wave of negative information, not every surrogate agree to gestate a child for a man who wants to nurse a baby “without mother”. However, the European Surrogacy Center has a large base of proven surrogates and oocyte donors from all over Russia with various physical specifications, nationality, religion, blood type and Rh factor, which are adequate and cooperative oriented.

Today, the company is ready to provide a competitive price for the turnkey program, including:

  • Selection of surrogates;
  • Management of the program;
  • Legal support.

The price of surrogate’s services for single men is the same as for a couple, but it must be borne in mind that the patient will additionally need an egg donor. In accordance with the current legislation, a surrogate cannot simultaneously be an oocyte donor. The traditional surrogacy, “which is a kind of “minefield both in the legal and in the moral and ethical sense” (Konstantin Switnev) is locked up in Russia. The European Surrogacy Center totally supports this ban. The genetic relationship between the surrogate mother and the child she is gestating is unacceptable.

In the database of donors of the European Surrogacy Center, you can choose the most acceptable phenotype, type, nationality, religion, Rh factor and blood group of the oocyte donor. The European Surrogacy Center is the first Russian and European company that started to provide its patients with full profiles of potential donors, including their photos both kids and adults, photos of their children and loved ones. We believe that future parents should have the right to see the donor’s face at least in the photographs, and if they wish, they can personally meet eyes to eyes.

Since 2016-th a surrogacy program for a single man is no longer surprising to anyone. According to statistics, about 20% of clients who resort to the surrogacy program in order to become parents do not have a pair. Many stars of show business resort to the help of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) make no secret of this. The best example is the famous Russian pop vocalist, Philip Kirkorov, who twice became a father, and both times via surrogacy. His fans with tenderly and admiringly watching the growth of its surrogate kids.

Even if there is no woman in love with you today, you can be a happy father too!


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