Surrogacy for Single Women in Russia. Cost of the Program in 2019

Surrogacy for Single Women in Russia. Cost of the Program in 2019

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Russia is the only country in Europe where a single woman who wants to become a mother can turn to assisted reproductive technologies, including surrogate motherhood.

Legislation in Russia

Legislation in Russia

The surrogacy program for a single woman can be carried out with both the genetic material of the future mother and donor eggs (if necessary, for medical reasons).

The surrogacy program for single women may be complicated by the selection of a sperm donor. If the sperm of a relative or friend is used, then it is required to endure a semi-annual quarantine (as in the case with any donor sperm). If a woman wants to use donor sperm at once, the donor should be indicated in all documents including informed consent as her partner, from which it follows that he can be recognized as a father with all the legal and financial implications. In this case, the de jure surrogacy program of a single woman will not differ from the usual surrogacy program implemented by a couple.

For the selection of a surrogate and a sperm donor, you can use our own database of already examined candidates who can immediately join the surrogate motherhood program.

From a medical point of view, surrogacy for single women is no different from standard, except that the effectiveness of pregnancy is somewhat higher, since surrogate is a woman with excellent health who has undergone a special selection and special medical examination.

The surrogacy program for single women is quite easy and practically does not differ from the usual IVF for a married couple. A sperm donor is selected, in vitro fertilization is performed and the got embryos are transferred to the uterus, not the patient, but the surrogate.

At the end of the program, a single patient with the help of our lawyers will receive a birth certificate for her child with her name in the “mother” column and with a dash in the “father” column. The name of the surrogate is not mentioned in the birth certificate.

The first Russian birth certificate of a surrogate child of a single woman was obtained by lawyers of «Rosjurconsulting» back in 2009 on the basis of the first-of-a-kind legal won gained in St. Petersburg.

It is believed that this is the precedent that opened the way to motherhood and fatherhood for hundreds of unmarried people.

How to Choose a Surrogate

How to Choose a Surrogate

A common challenge for single men and women is the search for a suurogate. Besides the fact that not all potential surrogates agree to gestate a child for people who are not married, today it is quite difficult to find a healthy, adequate and motivated woman. The queues for experienced surrogates can stretch for long months.

You can choose a right surrogate via the European Surrogacy Center.

During the consultation, you will be able to browse a color catalog with photos of candidates ready to join the program and choose the woman that suits you according to the phenotype and external data. Many customers want their future child to be similar in appearance to the genetic parent. That is why you can choose the woman that is closest to you in color of skin, hair and body build.

Of course, we take into account not only the appearance, but also such significant factors as nationality and religion.

Cost of the Program in 2019

Cost of the Program in 2019

The price question is the same for both a couple and single patients. The cost of a surrogacy program, including the provision of a surrogate’s candidacy with a change guarantee, organization and coordination of the process and legal support until the receipt of your child’s birth certificate averages 1 million rubles.

Profit of a surrogate, which is paid at the end of the program, averages 750,000 rubles. In addition, customers usually pay a certain amount for the maintenance of a surrogate during pregnancy - about 25,000 rubles per month.

The cost of the medical component of the surrogacy program can vary considerably depending on the selected clinic. Average, the cost of the IVF program is about 100,000 rubles.

Costs may increase if the surrogate does not become pregnant on the first attempt. This entails additional costs for both the maintenance of a surrogate and medical expenses for a new transfer of embryos and for the next medical examination of a surrogate in a reproduction clinic.

Addressing the European Surrogacy Center, you get reliable and high-quality services and professional assistance in such a delicate matter. Feedback of hundreds grateful clients, whom we have already helped to become parents, speak for itself!


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