Surrogacy for Unmarried Couple in Russia. Main Stages. Cost in 2019

Surrogacy for Unmarried Couple in Russia. Main Stages. Cost in 2019

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Infertility is always a distress, regardless of the family in which it happens. Registered marriage or not - does not matter. Russia recognizes the right of any couple to continue the race via ART, regardless of whether their relationship is officially registered.

A man and a woman who are not married can jointly implement a surrogacy program. This directly and unequivocally establishes Federal Law No. 323 “On the basis of the protection of the health of citizens of the Russian Federation”. From a medical point of view, there are no differences between married or not married couple. In the reproductive clinic chosen by the patients, the usual procedure of IVF is carried out: the woman's eggs in vitro are fertilized by the sperm of her partner, and the got embryos (two max) are transferred to surrogate.

However, when registering a surrogate child in the registry offices, problems may arise.

That is why when organizing a surrogacy program for not officially married couple, special attention should be paid to qualified legal support, taking into account the peculiarities of the matrimonial status of patients.

The selection of a surrogate can be complicated by the fact that not all surrogates are ready to bear a child for an open relations couple.

Usually, even in large clinics queues for them can be up to a year or more. Sometimes clients, trying to save money or shorten the waiting time, are engaged in the selection of their own surrogate. The Internet is replete with ads from the so-called "experienced surrogates". In fact, they most often turn out to be fraudsters or simply dishonest women.

Legal registration of the program due to the abundance of documents necessary for signing is very difficult and it is almost impossible to carry out independently, in private. If the parents are engaged in legal nuances on their own or trust this process not to lawyers, but to doctors or lawyers specializing in other branches of law, your child will highly likely have to register through court.

The European Surrogacy Center is a link between those who would like to become parents via surrogacy and those women who would like to help them.

All surrogate from our own database are fully examined, motivated for the result and ready to join the program immediately. If the customer has special requirements for a surrogate, for example, for her education, creed or nationality, you can be sure that there will certainly be a suitable candidate in our own database.

Together with the leading Russian and foreign reproduction clinics and the Rosjurconsulting international law company, we organize turnkey surrogacy programs, up to receiving the birth certificate of your child with your names in the “father” and “mother” columns.


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