Surrogacy for Infected Patients. Main Stages. Cost in 2019

Surrogacy for Infected Patients. Main Stages. Cost in 2019

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Surrogacy in our country has been lawfully and widely used since 1995, for more than twenty years now. For some families, this is the only possible way to have a genetically native child.

Becoming parents using method of ART (assisted reproductive technology) in the presence of established medical indications can be both married couples (officially registered or not), and single women and men.

But what about those who, in addition to infertility, are infected with HIV, hepatitis B or C? There are also patients who are not sterile in the medical sense of the word, but who cannot conceive a child in a natural way solely because they are infected. In any case, reproductologists will assist infected patients, who want to become parents.

The procedure for implementing a surrogacy program for infected patients is determined by Act 107n of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Modern medical technologies make it possible to completely eliminate the threat of infection of a surrogate or a child she will bear.

The participation of a surrogate in the treatment of infertility of infected parents (single parent) is allowed with her voluntary informed consent. Before signing a consent, a woman should undergo consultation with an infectious diseases specialist who will notify her of all the features of this program.

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